Blockchain technology holds the promise of revolutionizing many of the transaction based processes that underwrite much of the global economy. Many fear that the cost of blockchain implementation will be too high and will lead to excessive teething problems should they do choose to integrate a blockchain solution into their existing infrastructure. While these concerns are indeed understandable, blockchain implementation for businesses of all sizes doesn’t have to be either expensive or traumatic.

Let’s solve this hysteria with a structured approach based on the following steps:

Step 1 – Look for a partner who has done this before..

We have vast experience since past 5 years delivering solutions in the FinTech and Media sectors. We also have conducted various advisory and public events to share our knowledge across a variety of industry strategists. Here is table of few programs with a varied maturity, production ready, and initial PoC use cases.

Step 2 – Evaluate the maturity and skills for the implementation partner

Leverage industry proven skill sets with the right technology depth and knowledge. Here is a mix of current marketplace solutions available for Blockchain implementations

Our Center-of-Excellence focuses on the key pillars for seamless delivery. Mapping to the key skills required for successful implementation.

Step 3 – Partner’s approach

We would leverage the Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL).

Our approach includes

Explore Blockchain opportunities

  • Discovery sessions with Blockchain start-ups and successful users
  • Further exploration sessions in local labs to make selection of ideas and scenarios to test
  • Leverage  partnership on Digital for research

Test and validate scenario’s

  • Leverage Platform Framework to validate Blockchain platforms
  • Build and test Blockchain scenarios, leveraging PoC’s scenarios
  • Set-up a joint Blockchain team to validate new scenario’s (leveraging offshoring)

Create and share knowledge

  • Leverage Point of views to create specific content
  • Set-up webinars on Blockchain to further inform your organization
  • Facilitate specific collaboration with Vendors on Blockchain development (e.g. Chain, Symbiont)

Scale expertise

  • Build specific training for your employees to become new to be Blockchain experts
  • Leverage our offshore Blockchain practice to scale quickly when required


Step 4 – Program Governance Evaluation

Our goal is to setup a concrete vision and implementation strategy. Combined this with a strategic testing model (proof-of-concepts) with a structured cadence. We also respect the transition and knowledge sharing plan.