We are development engineers trained in Business Domains. We focus on domain driven analogy combined with DevOps, Containerization, Cloud Native and Open Source.

We have 8 global offices in USA, Central Europe, and Asia. We have a combination of fully managed delivery center and IT staffing engagement models.

Engaging us comes with a wide range of models. Our RPL – Rapid Prototyping Lab is run as a  Platform-as-a-Service with pass through cost of platform to the client. Services are charged based on expertise required.

Yes! Our hiring is matched to our core competencies. We are always looking for talent with Cloud, Big Data, DevOps and IT strategy background. Our average candidate experience is 2-6 years.

RPL is Rapid Prototyping Lab. This is our purpose built fully secured environment for custom client use cases. This is compliant by Continental US and GDPR guidelines.

Frameworks and other IP’s are part of our accelerator program. With our vast experience across various sectors, each framework addresses pitfalls and how to overcome the same. RPL is a way to customize the accelerator for client specific use case.