Customer: Banking & Wealth Management

Core Competency: Advisory & Integration Services

  • Personalization of offers tailored to banking experiences to engage with customers in a positive way based on their data.
  • Next best action offers surface suspected needs and offer the opportunity for sales lift and intervention of customer churn.
  • Lifestyle yield management allows for bankers to tailor plans & recommendations based on the life state of customers.
  • Fraud Detection allows banks to reduce risk and their cost of operations.
  • Theft profiling & fraudulent transaction detection allow for proactive intervention & prevention of fraud.
  • Churn scoring allows for identification of at-risk customers, and is the basis for all other churn applications.
  • Call center monitoring allows for use of perceptual intelligence to be applied to identify churn behavior based on call center operations. Prevention of Payment System errors and Money Laundering prevention can substantially reduce risk to fines & lost funds